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    Register with us to access our Trainer’s Directory and the several Online Training Solutions – including Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
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    Training Provider

    Join us and let us help you at every step! Training Opportunities, and a host of free Resource Planning tools which help from preparing proposals to generating bills
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    Use our Venue Information System to broadcast your Venues and our Venue Management Software to simplify your internal management and communication
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    Value Added Services

    Use our Uniquely designed products which help stream line learning and development related processes in your organization .
  • C-Complete
  • Gauge Engage
  • Program Junction
  • Participant Connect
  • Learning Management System

    SMT understands that enterprises, depending on their size, require different kinds of IT solutions to manage their learning & development. Keeping in view these unique requirements, solutions for Micro, Small & Medium and Large enterprises have been developed to meet their work flow requirements and more importantly budgetary constraints.
        Bare Bone LMS (Micro)
        Configurable LMS (SME)
        Customizable LMS (Large)
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    85% of Training Monies is spent on Operational Aspects

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    In US alone USD 165 billions is spent on Training & Development

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    Largest T&D markets in the World are growing at over 45%