About UniTol

UniTol Training Solutions is an organization that works to be a single stop solution for all training related needs across sectors. We have a core team with 100+ years of experience in the training domain. One of the key focus areas is Training Facilitation – in terms of designing training programs, identifying the most appropriate/suitable trainers,we also support venue identification.

Our product and service offerings include

Automation to ensure 100% feedback collection at the end of every program

Platform for blended learning – a true connection between trainers and learners


A platform to simplify collection and analysis of Training Needs across departments and geographic spread


Training Process Outsourcing, the perfect solution to optimize financial and human resource investment while maximizing training returns

The comprehensive training management system – one single platform for TNA, budgeting, operational management and training impact evaluation

An app to enable quick search of relevant training programs


SMT – short for "SimplifyMyTraining” is a platform for Organizations and Trainers to meet virtually. Organizations can search for true training expertise while trainers can access opportunities, program designs and training material

Why We Are Unique

SMT is a unique place that puts organizations and trainers in touch with each other and gives both parties access to training designs and material for use on registration

"We are your partner in your success"

We help identify the best training opportunities and the best training partners across the globe. Each program design, proposal and solution is uniquely designed for each assignment. We work with organizations and trainers to ensure each solution is custom designed to ensure every program succeeds.

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