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DigiTPro: Your online persona that projects your expertise and training experience. DigiTPro is also an automation solution, every time you use the feedback app, your profile is instantaneously updated.

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Your Education & Experience

Create a docket of your educational record and certification history. Capture your experience with Organizations to showcase your functional expertise and business understanding.

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Training Experience

Training experience: Demonstrate your expertise in relevant domains and share the depth and width of all training programs you have conducted so far. Show your rich client/industry exposure.

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In Action

Upload small (1-2 minutes) videos and photographs from your training programs showing your repertoire of methodologies, the response of your audience, the level of learner engagement.

Why a DigiTPro

DigiTPro is a comprehensive and succinct compilation of the value you bring to a training program. All our clients use DigiTPro when looking up trainers for their training programs

Advantages of DigiTPro

DigiTPro is an effective way to project yourself in the era of firewalls. Every time you use the Feedback App at the end of a program, DigiTPro updates your profile automatically. You no longer have to spend hours updating your profile before every assignment.

Creating a Digital Profile helps you in at least 3 crucial ways

Access to SMT and all the opportunities from our clients

Easy way to share your profile to clients, our clients shortlist trainers based on their Digital Profiles

The Digital Profile is automatically updated at the end of each training program you conduct – it is linked to our Feedback app

Create Your Own Profile

Easy way to share your profile to clients, our clients shortlist trainers based on their Digital Profiles


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Our Corporate Training marketplace, portal,SimplifyMyTraining.com which is one of the first of its kind in this space, enables organizations to discover Trainers (Training Consultants) and Trainers find suitable training (Learning & Development Consulting) opportunities.

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Program designs

SMT is a complete training solution package. Don’t start at the scratch each time, register with us to access to a database of program contents for you to view, download and use.

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Free material

SMT team has worked intensively to curate some of the most content appropriate training material for the common training topics. Look up for videos, documents and assessments.

Free material

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Evaluate impact of a training program by measuring actual change at workplace. C-Complete; the completely customizable 360° feedback platform; a unique product + service offering designed to meet your requirements.

Participant Connect

Training programs are more than being away from work. Create individual learning paths, leverage blended learning- use your repertoire of different methodologies like Classrooms (even virtual), audio/video sessions, e-learning, quizzes and reading materials with a consolidated platform

Franchisee TPO

Looking for training programs from established institutes? Use Program Junction to quickly scan the most relevant programs for the employees from global institutes. Simplify search and application process all in one app .

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