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A completely automated solution, get feedback every time with minimal efforts and time invested. The Feedback app also automatically updates your Digital Profile for you. Save time on post program administrative work, invest on your next program’s preparation – use Feedback app.


Evaluate the impact of a training program by measuring actual change at the workplace. C-Complete; the completely customizable 360° feedback platform; a unique product + service offering designed to meet your requirements.

Participant Connect

Training programs are more than being away from work. Create individual learning paths, leverage blended learning- use your repertoire of different methodologies like Classrooms (even virtual), audio/video sessions, e-learning, quizzes and reading materials with a consolidated platform

Program Junction

Find training programs from established institutes. Use Program Junction to quickly scan the most relevant programs for the employees from across the globe. Simplify the search and application process all in one app.

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Training Process Outsourcing (TPO)

If you are a SME organization that is targeting rapid growth, you realize that Human Capital Development is non-negotiable and yet, you need to optimize resource utilization. Training Process Outsourcing is the solution that is catching up worldwide. Your training vision working with a partner who has in-depth and thorough understanding of Training processes is the surest way to achieving strategic training goals and minimizing training costs.

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